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"I thought chiropractic may help my daughter with asthmatic symptoms and my son who was having chronic ear infections. My children were often at a pediatrician or specialists office. I decided to try chiropractic because I wanted to eliminate the cause of the problem instead of just covering it up with medication. Since my family started care, my son no longer has ear problems and my daughter no longer has asthmatic symptoms. My whole family is healthier!"

Nicole P.

"The chiropractor is a nice place to be. The doctors are nice and easy to talk to. Since I started getting adjusted, my back doesn't hurt as much in the morning like it used to. I wake up with more energy than before!"

Christina C.

"Since starting them with chiropractic care, both girls have not had any health issues! Reese has not had one ear infection and we have not even purchased Motrin or Benadryl in almost a year (both of which each girl was taking regularly)."

Jen M.

"After a few adjustments, my headaches went away. I also have gotten sick very few times since I started care. My whole family sees the chiropractor. I have been under care for years now and plan to be for the rest of my life. The idea of not being a chiropractic patient is weird!"

Megan R. (age 11)

"My oldest child suffered from ongoing ear infections every other month of his life. He took antibiotics on a regular basis, which led to other problems. He 'appeared' sick, and that was just normal for him. After starting at Lifepointe, the infections improved and five months later he hasn't had another ear infection since! He's no longer that sick little boy. My younger son, by 14 months of age, had also suffered from several ear infections and was given antibiotics. He also has not had another ear infection since!"

Carol Q.

"I brought my son to Lifepointe because he was sick all the time. I was desperate to boost his immune system. A friend of mine recommended Lifepointe. Since starting care, he is much healthier and has a stronger immune system, and my second son is healthier all-around too. He's been adjusted since he was 6 weeks old."

Mandy B.

"Chiropractic is good for all families because it would help them live happier lives"

Ian N.

"Dr. Greg has helped my ears get better."

Griffin R.

"We brought Patrick to Lifepointe mostly because of his ear concerns, but we were also hoping his speech delay would improve, too. Not only has it improved his chronic ear infections, his articulation and speech/language delay have dramatically improved! We will continue to bring Patrick to the chiropractor throughout childhood."

Rochelle M. (mom)

"Since I’ve been going to the chiropractor, I sleep better and I feel more energy. I learned that it affects my whole body if one small bone is out of place."

Alyssa H.

"Sara was a little nervous about seeing a chiropractor, but now she actually asks to go see Dr. Greg and Dr. Becky. Since she started getting adjusted, she’s rarely been ill this year!"

Joey L. (mom)

"I like going to the chiropractor because it helps my back and makes my whole body healthy. When I am healthy, I feel better and it makes me play better at sports. Dr. Greg and Dr. Becky are really nice because they make my whole family healthy and that makes us feel good."

Caitlyn P.

"Chiropractic is good for everyone, people should try it! I feel much better, I don't miss as much school, and I get better faster when I’m sick."

Larissa M.

"My 3 year old daughter was having difficulty having bowel movements from the time she was 6 months old. Her MD wanted to put her on MiraLAX, but I refused. After she started getting adjusted, I noticed an immediate change, the more adjustments, the more regular she became!" 

Melissa S.