Disc Herniations

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"I had been to over 20 specialists for disc herniations and migraines, but nothing seemed to help. That's when I decided to go see Dr. Greg and Dr. Becky. I got dramatic and immediate improvement in my level of pain and my ability to move! I have had nothing but positive progress! 3 out of 4 of my herniated discs are now gone (according to the MRI)!"

Dawn L.

"I had herniated discs and other back issues for several years, and had tried many things with no help. After starting chiropractic care at Lifepointe, I feel much happier again and feel stronger all around. I have not taken any medication since starting care. My back is definitely improving. AND, I have had a decrease in asthma episodes and I sleep better at night now! I feel like I can enjoy life again!"

Scott S.

"I had pain and spasms from a disc problem for years. I also had constant neck and shoulder pain from long-term stress. Since coming to Lifepointe, my back is much more flexible and less painful, and my neck and shoulders are 90% better! It only took a couple of months to see great improvement in my health!"

Chris N.

"I was found to have 2 bulging discs at C6 and C7 and was told I would eventually need fusion surgery. That's when I decided to try Lifepointe. I was very impressed with them and all the tests that were run. I felt lucky to be here. Since starting care, I am medication and pain free!"

Sherry B.

"I came to Lifepointe because of a bulging disc from 4 years ago. I had chronic low back pain and numbness/tingling in my leg. Since starting care at Lifepointe, I have had no recurrence of the disc problem, even through another pregnancy!"

Mandy B.

"I injured my back and suffered from 4 herniated discs in an auto accident 16 years prior to starting chiropractic care at Lifepointe. I had tried everything... anti-inflammatories, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, pain pills, trigger point injections, a neck brace, and surgery. I had been to over 20 neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, internists, a rheumatologist and an ear/nose/throat doctor. After getting adjusted by Dr. Greg and Dr. Becky, I saw dramatic and immediate improvement in my level of pain and my ability to move. Three out of four herniated discs are now gone and the proper structure of my neck is now coming back! With chiropractic care, I have had nothing but positive progress, and my case is not an easy one!"

Dawn L.