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"My neck was painful to move and the pain started going down my left arm. This went on for 7-10 years and nothing got rid of the pain. Although I was somewhat apprehensive, I decided to try chiropractic. Dr. Greg and Dr. Becky are caring, knowledgable and professional. The best thing is the education they provide about overall health. My life has improved since starting care. I can now do anything, with no pain or discomfort, and my physical health has improved!"

Nancy P.

"I came to Lifepointe after a car accident. I was having pain in my neck and shoulders and could not turn my head from side to side. Now, I am truly pain-free! I feel better today than before my car accident! I also have been free from sinus infections, colds and the flu! What a blessing!"

Angela R.

"I had been having muscle tension and pain in my neck for about 4 years. I tried massages and medication and the specialist recommended surgery if it didn't get better. I didn't have anything to lose, so I tried chiropractic. I was skeptical, but started a corrective program of spinal adjustments. Since starting care, I rarely have headaches, my body feels like it is functioning better, and I get over colds faster. It really does make a difference in my life!"

Erin J.

"I had a neck ache and was unable to turn my head without a lot of pain. I made an appointment and started a treatment program. I felt improvement after my first adjustment, and after a few more, normal full range pain-free movement was restored. Now I visit Lifepointe regularly and neck pain is a thing of the past!"

Garey E.