Words From Our Little Ones

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"Chiropractic is good for all families because it would help them live happier lives."


"Dr. Greg has helped my ears get better."


"We brought Patrick to Lifepointe mostly because of his ear concerns, but we were also hoping his speech delay would improve, too. Not only has it improved his chronic ear infections, his articulation and speech/language delay have dramatically improved! We will continue to bring Patrick to the chiropractor throughout childhood"

Rochelle (mom)

"Since I’ve been going to the chiropractor, I sleep better and I feel more energy. I learned that it affects my whole body if one small bone is out of place."


"Sara was a little nervous about seeing a chiropractor, but now she actually asks to go see Dr. Greg and Dr. Becky. Since she started getting adjusted, she’s rarely been ill this year!"

Joey (mom)

"I like going to the chiropractor because it helps my back and makes my whole body healthy. When I am healthy, I feel better and it makes me play better at sports. Dr. Greg and Dr. Becky are really nice because they make my whole family healthy and that makes us feel good."


"Chiropractic is good for everyone, people should try it! I feel much better, I don't miss as much school, and I get better faster when I’m sick."