Extremity Pain

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"I sit behind a computer all day and as a result have developed pain in my low back and shoulder. I have to admit, I was skeptical. But now, I am much better- No more pain!"

Dave L.

"I was having problems with my right shoulder and low back pain. Dr. Greg and Dr. Becky took the time to explain everything in a way I could understand. I was very impressed. Since I started getting adjusted, I have no pain in my back and my shoulder is now pain-free too! So not only did my quality of life improve, but my golf game is better!"

John R.

"I was a bus operator for 36 years and was always in pain in my shoulder and neck. Dr. Greg assured me he could help. After my first adjustment, after years of headaches, I realized it was gone! I have been a patient now for almost two years!"

Ebbie M.

"I consulted Lifepointe for back and hip pain for 4 years. I didn't like the options I was given at my specialist, so I started a treatment plan at Lifepointe. Now I feel so much better!... I can tie my shoes again!"

Chris R.

"I began coming to Lifepointe after my husband had been a patient there. He convinced me it was a healthier way of life. So, I started care with my two kids. I found out that my hip pain could be associated with misalignment in my spine. Turns out, the docs were right! Since my adjustments, my hip pain has gone away. There has never been a time that I have walked out of their office feeling I wasn't treated with the best they have to offer. Dr. Greg and Dr. Becky are truly passionate about helping us build and lead stronger, healthier lives!"

Kim H.

"I consulted Lifepointe for pain relief in my upper back, elbow and left leg which I had off-and-on for 10 years. I had seen 2 other chiropractors, taken medication, tried acupuncture and a traditional physician, all of which got me temporary relief, but the problems remained chronic. The pain was affecting my daily life and I wanted healthy, natural care, so I started a care program at Lifepointe. I love coming in! I have learned that a healthy spine can lead to a healthy, pain-free and more enjoyable life! I no longer have the pain I had before!"

Diane A.

"I was having pain in my shoulder and shoulder blade for 4 months on and off. By this point, it was painful just to sit still. I reluctantly visited Lifepointe and was skeptical about whether or not it could help my problem, but was willing to do whatever it took. Dr. Greg helped me to understand WHY I was in pain. I was pain free in 4 weeks! Now my husband and children are patients here too!"

Deb G.

"I came to Lifepointe with hip pain shooting down my back. It was so painful, I could not sleep at night. At the end of a year, I had already forgotten some of the symptoms that I used to experience! I just feel more relaxed and happy."

Karen S.

"I had pain in my right hip that was going on for a couple of months. I was given pain killers and muscle relaxers but didn't have them filled. I decided to try chiropractic. Before long, my pain was gone and I was feeling so much better! I had more energy too! I can now bend with ease and turn my head from side to side without pain!"

Sue F.

"I had pain in my right shoulder for about a year that kept me from sleeping. My pain was getting worse and I didn't know what else to do, so I tried chiropractic. Since my second adjustment at Lifepointe, I have almost no pain in my shoulder and I feel happier, healthier and more energetic! Chiropractic helps the body heal naturally, without medication or surgery!"

Melissa B.