Depression and Anxiety

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"I was nervous about seeing a chiropractor, but willing to try it. The doctors and staff here are fabulous! They seem to have a true passion for helping others! I had no idea this would make such a remarkable difference in my life! I no longer have constant pain! I have had a major decrease in depression and anxiety. I no longer wake up several times each night in pain! EVERYONE should be checked by a chiropractor!"

Susan P.

"I came to Lifepointe because I was suffering from depression for 2 years with no desire to do anything, being tired, and taking several medications, but nothing seemed to be helping. In fact over the past year, it seemed to make me worse. I was willing to try anything. After a little while of getting adjusted, I felt like a different person! I actually visited neighbors and went out to dinner! I hadn't done this in months! I have stopped ALL medication and I feel like my old self again! My sister told me, "My sister is back again!" Thank you Lifepointe!"

Maryann C.

"I’ve felt so much happier and optimistic with life!"

Skyler L.

"I have suffered from anxiety my entire life. I have seen counselors and taken medication, but it only served temporary relief. I came to a check-up at Lifepointe with my family, not thinking anything of it. After starting care, I started feeling better within the first few weeks, and I have had NO anxiety AT ALL! I have always thought that I'd suffer from anxiety my entire life, but the doctors at Lifepointe proved me wrong!"

Bret R.