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"My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 months when my cousin suggested I come to Lifepointe. We were thoroughly impressed and hopeful. Even though we live 40 minutes away, we felt that it was SO important for us to start a program. We both felt great soon after our adjustments began. Two months after starting care, we got PREGNANT! We welcomed our son, Jalen in August of 2009! I had a wonderful pregnancy and I believe that regular adjustments were the reason for that. Our son got his first adjustment at 10 days old and is now checked regularly. He's happy, beautiful and most importantly, healthy!"

Leigh G.

"I had 2 miscarriages in 6 months and wondered why my body was unable to sustain a pregnancy. My husband and I started researching and the human anatomy kept pointing to a potential issue with the lower back/hip region. My husband showed me a chart of how that area of my spine connects to my uterus. We decided to see a chiropractor and started a corrective program right away. A huge benefit of starting chiropractic was the elimination of headaches I often had. AND... I'm 16 weeks pregnant!... WITH TWINS! (using NO fertility drugs!)"

Tamara S.

"I have had a lifetime of difficult menstrual cramps. The last two years have been so unbearable, but I felt uneasy about the options given to me by my OBGYN. I didn't want to have surgery or take medication, so I continued to suffer... until I came to Lifepointe! The last two months have been AMAZING! Not only am I not suffering from cramps, my headaches have almost entirely disappeared and I feel so much better! Thanks to Lifepointe for changing my life!"

Michelle R.

"Praise the Lord for our chiropractor! Dr. Becky came to visit twice for us, once during labor and once the day after delivery. She was able to make labor a bit easier and lessen the pain. The baby was checked the following day!"

Rachael G.